Bad Mobile Game Ad React And Review! | State of Survival Zombie War

Bad Mobile Game Ad React And Review! | State of Survival Zombie War

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Bad Mobile Game Ad Review THEN Game Review of State of Survival.

I made it to prologue Part 4 Of todays game so This is more of a “first impressions Review” of what I had seen so far. My thoughts and opinions
aren’t from the late or mid game so take that as you may.

Is State of survival ACTUALLY as bad as the Ads look like? Honestly no. The intro is actually really cool looking and hooks you
in at first, and best of all? You start off the intro battles with a DOG! This dog was probably the highlight of my experience with the first
30-40 minutes of this game. Each time the doggo would take too much damage, it would go back to its unit and heal up, just to go back
to tearing up zombies. Pretty badass! The graphics of this game look really good for a mobile game, its insane to think that just 10 years
ago we were playing things like angry birds and thinking “Wow, could it get any better than this?”.

The premise of the games battles is to do battle missions consisting of 3 of your units, with varying special abilities like turrets, bombs, and
special rounds of ammunition as well as others. The turret from the main character “Sarge” felt really strong and overpowered in the low lvls.
When you win these kinds of battles you are rewarded with food, crates, and experience and sometimes units.
Theres two types of battles i encountered where one dealt with the 3 units, and another where you send out different types of units as more
of a generic “Send em out to die!” to kill zombies.

The game doesn’t actually throw Play to win tactics or microtransactions at you from the beginning 30-40 minutes at least.. so thats a plus!

You are in control of a settlement where you design things such as a lumberyard, farms and fences to protect your settlement.

I dont understand why these mobile game ads always have to do the dumbest stuff to try and hook people to play it, if they were to just
show off the actual gameplay, more people would play the games. So State of Survival if you’re watching this at some point, STOP WITH

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