Become the PERFECT Rally Joiner: State of Survival

Become the PERFECT Rally Joiner: State of Survival

How to spend for none rally lead or how to spend as mid spender or f2p in state of survival.

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This video teaches you how to simply become the best joiner you can be.
It’s not a video about how to play the game as a f2p. It rather explains how you should think if your focus is to support your rally lead. Especially if your enemy are usually very close in stats!

📌 Chapters:

0:00 Introduction
1:28 AppGallery Promo
2:46 What 4 things to look out for and WHY
4:03 Behemoth for joiners f2p and lower spenders
7:24 Troop focus for f2p and lower spenders
7:55 The airplane for f2p and lower spenders

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