F2P BUILD TO BE STRONG! | State of Survival

F2P BUILD TO BE STRONG! | State of Survival

HQ p5
-Just stay p5 until last stage to get march capacity bonus

Upgrade institue of plasma to p5
-Focus on t11 infrantry.
-Start hunter research after you get T11 infantry.
-Start rider research after you get T11 rider.

Chief gear
-Pick one infantry gears; helm or boots.
-Focus one of them until red then get other infantry to get red then maxed one of them.

Chief badges
-Focus on one infantry badges until one maxed then focus another infantry badges.
-After you done all infantry badges then focus hunter badges.
-Ignore rider once you get all gold badges and start upgrade those rider badges after you done infantry and hunter badges.

Hero gears
-Focus on body infantry first because it gives you attack and health then foot to get defense and health then head to get attack and defense.
-Focus hunter as the same as infantry patterns.
-Do rider gears.

Battle research
-You should focus on troop health, troop lethality, troop attack, troop defense, infantry lethality, lethality health, infantry attack, and infantry defense.
-Upgrade hunter as the same patterns as infantry.
-And so rider.

-Infantry health – lethality.
-Hunter health – lethality.
-Rider health – lethality.

This is my suggestions to be strong as F2P, if you have better suggestions please let me know in the comments. 🙂

Murottal Surah Al-Mulk credit to Qari Youssef


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