Garrison defense FULL Tutorial + the Nikola/Hank drama! State of Survival

Garrison defense FULL Tutorial + the Nikola/Hank drama! State of Survival

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Garrison defense FULL Tutorial + which one is better? Nikola or Hank as leader garrison heroes? Full explanation here…

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A rally leader must never use Nikola, Eunjoo, Roxy or any weaker hero when attacking. Please be careful!

You must always use a second person for this. The stronger that person is, the better but remember he can’t be stronger than the actual rally lead!!

0:00 Intro
0:57 Leader Garrison Explained
4:40 AppGallery Promotion
5:45 Nikola vs Hank Intro
6:13 Gen 5-6-7 Formations (Hank/Niko)
6:20 Gen 11 (Hank/Niko)
7:15 Eunjoo vs Joker

A. Rally Leader: Strongest rider resonated to Joker (Always)
B. If Leader garrison has lvl4- Joker, use Eunjoo
If Leader garrison has lvl5+ Joker, use Joker
C. F2p/Regular : Doesn’t matter

A. Leader garrison should best change to Rally plane when defending
B. Rally Leader should start rally with rally plane but can switch to a different plane when defending (In case he isn’t tower leader)
C. F2p/Regular joiner should always have tactical or heal plane

A. Rally Leader: Use strongest hunter but for gen11 use Daryl
B. Leader Garrison: Roxy forever
C. F2p/Regular joiner: Use Daryl as captain forever

A. Rally Leader: Use strongest infantry hero but for gen11 use Wacko
B. Leader Garrison: Hank (Gen 8-9-10) + Gen11 if enemy is not using Wacko/Daryl
Nikola (Gen 5-6-7) + Gen 11 if enemy is using Wacko/Daryl (Try testing extra infantry maybe? Need more testing)
C. F2p/Regular joiner: Doesn’t matter

Credit to Kratos Team

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