I tested Aoi vs Mikoto on State of Survival: Annihilation Event

I tested Aoi vs Mikoto on State of Survival: Annihilation Event

Aoi vs Mikoto on State of Survival Annihilation awaits Event

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The Winner was Mikoto overall by a very small amount. The Reason Mikoto was used because it was established she was the clear winner in an older video i made, so i did not bother Rechecking Daryl and Codi.

Summary: Do not buy Aoi as there is still no reason for it

Rally Leader:
1. 60/20/20 Formation
2. Airplane 1st Talent
3. Behemoth

Rally Joiners
1. 100% Hunters
2. Airplane 2nd Talent
3. Daryl Captain
4. No Behemoth Assigned

Heroes to use for Behemoth Event from best to worse.

1. Laura (Only if you are gen 10)
2. Lori
3. Kira
4. Wacko
5. Kyle
So if gen 10, use Laura. If Gen 12, use Lori. If Gen 11, use Kira.

1. Joker
2. Strings
3. Chloe

1. Mikoto
2. Aoi
3. Connor (Only if you are gen 10)
4. Tina
5. Daryl

Credit: Kratos Team for some info

Keep in mind, with time, using full hunters wont be as good anymore. The better behemoths you have, the better your rallies will score. However, i am assuming you have mostly F2P or lower spenders join your rally. More tests to come later with full formation!

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