Mikoto vs Daryl : Everything you MUST know ( State of Survival )

Mikoto vs Daryl : Everything you MUST know ( State of Survival )

Mikoto vs Daryl: Everything you need to know State of Survival

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Who is better for each generation? Mikoto or Daryl? Find out everything you need to know about resonating hero Mikoto and daryl in this video where i tried to explain in as much details as i can without making the video super long.

The following in covered: Mikoto skills, Daryl vs Mikoto, Old engine, New engine, generation 1 to generation 9, battle reports summary, Old engine skill effect, Battle formations, trap and plenty more…

ALL images and tables are provided from KRATOS’s team. Without their information, this video wouldn’t be possible!

0:00 Intro
0:35 Hero Overview
1:27 Mikoto skills
2:44 Mikoto vs Daryl
3:31 Mikoto and Generation 4 (Tyler)
3:47 Mikoto and Generation 5 (Roxy)
4:08 Mikoto and Generation 6 (Luca)
4:22 Mikoto and Generation 7 (Grimm)
4:42 Mikoto and Generation 8 (Tina)
5:05 Mikoto and Generation 9 (Arthur)
5:20 Explaining KRATOS Tables and Reports

The Battle Engine i keep mentioning is how the State of Survival calculates PvP attacks. Generations 1-3, Reservoir (All Generations) and showdown (All Generations) use OLD Engine while the rest uses something else.
Mikoto is great at old engine but not in new engine.
Did you spot any mistake or want to discuss something? Feel free to comment.

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