POKEMON NEWS & LEAKS DISCUSSION STREAM (Sponsored by State of Survival)

POKEMON NEWS & LEAKS DISCUSSION STREAM (Sponsored by State of Survival)

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how to catch every starter in pokemon brilliant diamond: https://youtu.be/xlgzTYPiL7I

BEST & EASY Shiny Hunting Method Guide for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond:

How To Get MEW and JIRACHI in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond:

What Happens When You COMPLETE The Pokedex in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond: https://youtu.be/OukVsinX2nE

How to catch Rotom & All ROTOM Forms in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond: https://youtu.be/TQUwO8rrHzI

How To Catch ALL REGIS & REGIGIGAS in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond: https://youtu.be/2UiUmqABEwg

How To Catch Spiritomb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond: https://youtu.be/u9zHWcwztaI

The ULTIMATE guide of methods you can do for best shiny hunting method guide for pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl. IF you want to shiny hunt in pokemon brilliant diamond, you might want to watch this shiny hunting guide for brilliant diamond. As pokemon brilliant diamond shiny hunting guide is here to help you find shiny pokemon bdsp. how to catch shiny pokemon in brilliant diamond is what this video explains.

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