State of Survival Gorgoroth Ren GUA 426 – 9 minutes and 12 seconds

State of Survival Gorgoroth  Ren GUA 426 – 9 minutes and 12 seconds

If Gorgoroth comes back, this may be a interesting video to refer to to see one potential strategy. This was a few days into 2nd week of the Anniversary event and we were still figuring things out. With 2 of us doing 2 speeds on attach marches we were able to get him down in 9 minutes and 12 seconds on Insane difficulty. Not bad. Possible to get down to about 6 minutes with 5 players doing this, especially if 5 do their top 2-3 minutes.

After a few other attempts after this one, we were able to get to 10 minutes, 38 seconds with NO Biocaps (not this video, should have recorded it) by:
1) Having 5 strong players with maxed heroes (research, badges, hero gear mean nothing. It’s all about hero stats)

2) Start with max rallies and if 5 strong accounts, follow with solos, to get quickly into the next phase.

3) Then have every player send 2-3 top marches to boss, while others save other players, hit mobs or in later phase, get the tumors.

4) You can throw a few bio caps to save yourself quickly or do 2 x 50% march speeds to get a hit in quickly if you really feel like throwing a lot of caps away. In hindsight, it would have been better to save the caps for 3rd week of Anniversary event 😉

Overall I really enjoyed the Gorgoroth event and how it made teamwork and strategy a real thing for SoS.