State of Survival: How to Rank Top 10 in Azurane Heist as F2P

State of Survival: How to Rank Top 10 in Azurane Heist as F2P

Sinnce I started using this tactic I was able to rank top 10 almost every time and can easily rank top 20. I was also able to do the same with my mini (but less constantly in top 10)

The tactic is based on the 1st and 3rd skill (killing infected for 1,500 points and unsuccessfully attacking every 1 minute for 5,000 points.

I should mention that this Heist was by far the best one I’ve ever had. Normally the people around me go for infected more often so harder to catch as much plus I don’t usually gather much or get eruptive gas fileds but was able to do so this time. But this tactic works even if you don’t gather at all (will just be harder).

0:00 – Pre-Heist

1:02 – Entering Heist

3:52 – Heist starts

10:45 – 1st eruptive fields

20:45 – 2nd eruptive fields

30:52 – Final Rank


0:00 – 1:58
EDM Dance Song With Summer Vibes
Jimmy Gunnarsson

1:59 – 5:01
Urban City Pop Rock
Bobby Cole

5:02 – 6:58
Summer Countryside – Acoustic Stomp
Jeff Hanley

12:42 – 14:42
Tropical Dance Lights
Boban Apostolov

14:43 – 16:03
Country Acoustic
Vladyslav Krotov

16:04 – 18:58
All about house
Elonte Chandler

19:00 – 21:21
Upbeat Funky Good Times
Jason Donnelly

24:18 – 26:52
Joyful Ride
Simon Jomphe Lepine

29:25 – 31:03
Happy upbeat instrumental
Fredrik Storm


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