State of Survival! New Heroes?!

State of Survival! New Heroes?!

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Hello my little maniac’s this is your host The Maniac’s Gaming! Coming back at you with another video! In today’s video we are going to be talking about one of my favorite topics in State of Survival! That’s right we are talking about heroes! The newest generation of heroes have arrived! I will be giving an overview of the the brand new heroes! I will be going over everything from their “class”, to their basic stats, as well as how I personally think the design of the heroes are! I am going to be giving my honest opinion on these heroes. I have been doing these videos ever since I first joined the PTR and it is still one of my favorite videos to make as it is something I can give my honest opinion on!

Here is to more content coming soon! And as always stay crazy fam. I will see all of you later. Lets get to 500 subscribers!

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