State of Survival Reservoir League CAT 469 vs CTL 420

State of Survival Reservoir League CAT 469 vs CTL 420

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE. State of Survival Reservoir League and Reservoir Raid are still my favorite event. It allows everyone to go full out and not worry about wounded or killed troops. You get them all back when its done. So for even the small guys it can be fun. However it does have issues. KingsGroup matching is horrible. In RL there is no room for mercy or taking it easy, so when the match up is uneven its very unfair. Finally when its tied to MIGO, it is even highly appropriate to do as much damage as possible for the MIGO claims and to diminish the MIGO claims of the opponent.

Welcome to State of Survival Dr.Dementia. I am not a professional gamer. I don’t make a living gaming. I am just a real life player of SOS. Please feel free to follow along as this is more of a reality check into the issues of Capital Clash ( CC ) , State vs State ( SVS ) and the normal life of growing an Alliance, State, and Settlement. I try to post relevant information, a few helpful things here and there and of course the trial and tribulations of winning and losing battles. Sometime I am wrong, or I may confuse what I am saying. I am happy to admit my faults.

What you won’t find here are the same old reviews of what is, what is to be and what was. There are so many channels that do that already. You won’t find detailed spread sheets with highly complex math formulas on how one Hero does against another. What you will find is videos of how my real life attacks and defenses did against other real life opponents.

So please…..Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment…these things make it worth my time and effort to continue showing you the reality of life in State of Survival. Your support provides the motivation for me to continue to make content and hopefully something entertaining and or even thought provoking.

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