State of Survival Reservoir League CAT vs EGY

State of Survival Reservoir League CAT vs EGY

So what in the world is KG thinking. This match up was simply unnecessary, and made no sense. UNLESS…..maybe it did make sense. Reservoir Raid and Reservoir League on the surface are free events. In reality they are not. Sure you get your troops back, no you don’t HAVE to speed march, yes you get a few free locators. But unless you come out of pocket, to enhance those things, you don’t stand a chance. KG sets a league, opens so many spots that it tosses in Alliances that don’t stand a chance, and instant revenue for them. Well this is the result…PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE…THANKS SO MUCH

Live Stream schedule is beginning. Starting the first week of November I will be live streaming 2 times a week. I will live stream on Friday evenings for the US at 9 PM EST/6PM PST. I will also live stream on Wednesdays on a catch as catch can basis until i find a time that works best for my Asian/Philippine/EU subscribers. More than simply events. I will be streaming live discussion on all topics re: State of Survival. We can discuss strategy, kings group, state merger, new heros MIGO and of course YITH and of course what ever the newest decent events are.

Welcome to State of Survival Dr.Dementia. I am not a professional gamer. I don’t make a living gaming. I am just a real life player of SOS. Please feel free to follow along as this is more of a reality check into the issues of Capital Clash ( CC ) , State vs State ( SVS ) and the normal life of growing an Alliance, State, and Settlement. I try to post relevant information, a few helpful things here and there and of course the trial and tribulations of winning and losing battles. Sometimes I am wrong, or I may confuse what I am saying. I am happy to admit my faults.

What you won’t find here are the same old reviews of what is, what is to be and what was. There are so many channels that do that already. You won’t find detailed spread sheets with highly complex math formulas on how one Hero does against another. What you will find is videos of how my real life attacks and defenses did against other real life opponents.

So please…..Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment…these things make it worth my time and effort to continue showing you the reality of life in State of Survival. Your support provides the motivation for me to continue to make content and hopefully something entertaining and or even thought provoking.

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