State of Survival Zombie War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 – Android / iOS

State of Survival Zombie War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 – Android / iOS

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State of Survival Zombie War – Free

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State of Survival is trending throughout the world as a strategy survival mobile game in an apocalypse. In this game, you will build your own Settlement and recruit Survivors on the Wasteland. You will also get to upgrade technologies, explore the world, and many more. Fight off hordes of zombies and enjoy an exciting role-playing experience.
▶ PvP, strategy, social features, Leagues, Survivors, and zombies. State of Survival is a world where you must use your brain if you want to survive and build your Settlement. Enjoy the Puzzles and Survival.
▶ This game contains both SLG and RPG elements. In this game, you play as a human commander. As the storyline progresses, you will fight zombies, collect resources, go on adventures, build your Home, and decorate your Settlement. Then, you’ll take on an evil organization that spread the zombie virus. Engage in competitive mutiplayer battles where Clans clash. As your characters grow, you will get to recruit biohazard containment Heroes, beautiful Heroes, and handsome Heroes. Some of these Heroes come equipped with a gun, while others come equipped with machines and metal elements. Build your own post-apocalyptic world.
▶ Other than the PvP, this online multiplayer game also offers puzzle-solving and shooting gameplay. When enemies are on the warpath, you must plan your strategy and fight to survive in the top war!
▶ Besides our social features, you may also experience the fun of single-player. In the fight between good and evil, you will play as the main character and progress through the storyline! In our rich story, you will get to enjoy a puzzle-solving experience.
▶ If you like online chats and want to make friends, State of Survival’s social features are made for you. Chat online using the in-game chat channel and discuss strategies. In State of Survival, many players have become friends in real life. Players would discuss strategies, work together to slay monsters, fight enemies, and duke it out in PvP. The in-game community also brings you the joy of a multiplayer gaming experience!
▶ Tie-in: We have teamed up with DC, one of the biggest comic publishers in the world, and released the Joker as our in-game hero via our tie-in event! We’ve also collaborated with the world-renowned thriller series, The Walking Dead, and the fan-favorite Daryl is now in our game as well. Not only that, we worked with NFC, a famous professional sports association, to make the game even more competitive…
▶ This is a world-famous game. On every holiday or festival, we release various features, gameplay, and celebrations. We give away benefits and bundles for free, allowing players to earn rewards from quests, meet up in an online or real-life events, and grow stronger quickly!

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