STATE OF SURVIVAL: RR [BAD]АВАНГАРД vs [ASG]ASGARD #stateofsurvival #StateArchivist #RR

STATE OF SURVIVAL: RR  [BAD]АВАНГАРД vs  [ASG]ASGARD #stateofsurvival #StateArchivist #RR

Reservoir Raid

Raid score: 31K [BAD] VS 22K [ASG]
TOP kills: Stockaz
Building Purified Water MVP: Jue Viole Grace
Gathered Purified Water MVP: Jeanne

Used Strategy: We don’t always go to the RR event with a plan and strategy. In this particular case, our raid score was much higher and therefore we just played spontaneously. The only task at each RR event is to score at least 180K points in order to get the maximum rewards for this event.

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